What are you watching?
Do you long for the meadow
And sweet summer grass?

To me, this horse seemed to be meditating. Maybe there’s a lesson for us all, here. Maybe we could all do with a few minutes of quiet contemplation, every day. Maybe, then, we would be better able to deal with what life throws at us.


We stand tall, erect and proud. We can cope. We are capable. We are in control. We don’t need help, thank you.

At least, that’s the image we try to portray. That’s the image we are taught to portray, especially in the Western world. The stiff upper lip that refuses to cry, publicly; or even privately, for that matter. After all, we are in control. What is there to cry about? We don’t need help, thank you.

Pain sneaks up on us, unexpectely. Pain hides in the shadows of our existence, lurking, waiting for the right opportunity to rear its ugly head; waiting until the perfect moment to cause us embarrassment.

The truth is that we have to acknowledge our pain. We have to confront it. We have to savour the challenge of accepting, and beating our pain into submission. And we can only do that by admitting that it is there, that we are in pain, that we are suffering; that we need help.

For only then can we be truly free. Only then can we stand tall, erect, and proud; not because we are pain-free; not because we have conquered pain; but because we are not afraid to show our vulnerabilities.


Shine, like a lighthouse

To shine, like a beacon of light over a dark, murky sea, illuminating the path of weary travellers, and bringing them safely home.

Such is the task that we all face.

For though we all may be travelling our own path, we still have a duty to illuminate the paths of others.


Like a lighthouse.


Welcome to this website of personal observations about life.

I have no intention of trying to change your thinking on anything. I have no intention of solving your problems. Only you can do that. All I ask is that you think about my observations, and the observations of others. If it changes your life for the better, then I’m happy for you.