Winter hanging on

Sunset vignette. Bare trees with a red sky behind.

Winter hanging on

Tree buds shiver in the cold

With confused feelings

This is the first time I’ve posted for a long time. A numb heart struggles to be creative. But as winter turns to spring once again, maybe this is the year that the numbness will dissipate.

There is nothing normal about grief. Everyone grieves differently. Let your winter turn to spring when it is ready. You will know when it is time.


What are you watching?
Do you long for the meadow
And sweet summer grass?

To me, this horse seemed to be meditating. Maybe there’s a lesson for us all, here. Maybe we could all do with a few minutes of quiet contemplation, every day. Maybe, then, we would be better able to deal with what life throws at us.


Derwent Water

We just need to stand
And look out over the water
To find peace and tranquility.

We just need to wait
And peace and tranquility
Will come to us

Finding peace and tranquility
Is hard work
And we are afraid to search for them

We just need to stop
And take a few deep breaths
And peace and tranquility will find us